My Productive Weekend…

I love when Jeff gets two days off because that means I get a little more time to do stuff.  This weekend was once again HOT!  Heat Advisories all weekend (105 and above) which means two stir crazy kids.  I painted 3 painting this weekend (1 watercolor and 2 acrylic) and the good news is I still want to paint, even though I don’t know what yet.  I have a couple of ideas on what to paint, I found this beautiful sunset over oyster beds that I think would look great as a water color and stick with the Gulf Coast Theme.  I did a little digging and decided to find the top ten animals affected by the gulf and paint each one, so here is the list: North Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, Sea Turtle, Sharks, Marine Mammals, Brown Pelicans, Oysters, Shrimp/Blue Crabs, Menhaden and Marsh – Dwelling Fish, Beach – Nesting and Migratory Birds, and Migratory Songbirds.  I have painted most of these and have a couple more in the works.

I do need to do some sewing but for some reason I always associate sewing with winter stuff and painting with summer, so all I want to do is paint.  Jillian has also been painting watercolors, I taught her yesterday how to add table salt while the paint was still wet and what happens when you paint over a white crayon.  I might show her what happens when you paint over rubber cement and then remove it, today.  I will say I don’t know how teachers do it, making it fun and fresh everyday for 180 days, that is a lot of work.

Here are the newest paintings I finished:

I think I’m going to call him Bruce.
The Foxes

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