First Day of School

To make my life easier this week I spent the Sunday labeling and packing snacks for the week. I cut up carrots, measured out raisins, grapes, and olives put them in little baggies with labeled with my daughter’s name. I then packed all those snacks in two containers and wrote the contents on them with a Dry Eraser Marker – they are packed and ready to go. The key to getting through this first week of school with no nervous breakdown is planning (or so I have been told).  I also pulled out my chalkboard paint and added a chalkboard to my kitchen wall.  I am a huge To-Do List person and I thought that would help me remember stuff because having two kids greatly impairs your memory.

My kitchen wall taped and ready to be painted with chalkboard paint.  Please ignore my dying plant (I think I need to move it outside my plants do much better outside) and the computer chair that we use as a kitchen table chair.

My wall almost finished.
Finished!  Just needs to dry so I can draw on it!

I am so afraid I am going to forget something and look like a horrible mother. I wonder if all parents have fears like this on their child’s first day of school. I feel like I, myself, am back in school trying to fit in, trying to find my niche. No one ever told me that these were the feelings I would have when my own child embarks on her first day of school. My fears are too myriad to list, they range from my daughter not fitting in to forgetting to set the alarm for school and showing up late.  My mind wonders as I type this maybe it is just me trying to come to grips with my little girl growing up. This step is necessary but I would be lying if I wasn’t sadden by this journey.

I also had my daughter draw her first day of school (which is currently my background to my blog).  The picture is her with her teachers.  Her is the complete picture so everyone can see her beautiful drawing.

My 1st Day of School Drawing!

So that leaves me with my almost one year old at home during the day.  An almost one year who doesn’t like to nap.  I have no idea how successful I will be at posting and creating stuff in the next couple of weeks.  I have some wonderful ideas but it all depends on how my little man treats his mommy during the day.  I hope to still have wonderful projects for everyone to enjoy and create.  They might be a little simpler or items made for younger children.  I also am really trying to get Jeff to do a “Guest Post” maybe once a week (depending on how nice he is to me 😛 )

My big girl getting ready to go to school!

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