Parnivore (pär’ nə vör) and Thank You Cards

Definition (and word) is courtesy of my husband:

parnivore (pär’ nə vör) n.
[[< L paro, paper + vorare, to
devour]] 1 A young person who eats paper, often preferring it over more
palatable food options that have been recently offered, rejected, and discarded
on the floor, where the aforementioned paper is then found


So my To-do List is vast and one of the many things on my To-do List is send Thank you cards for my son’s birthday party.  I am usually on top of this I have them go out with in a week of the party.  This year I have made them four times but my little parnivore eats them.  I think if I put them all together (the paper bits) I would have maybe one card.  It is not that I leave them laying around for him to pick up and eat, quite the contrary I have them up on a table or desk and he pulls them down.  He also hides them and saves them for later consumption.  He has managed to eat the beginning of my random acts of kindness card, I wasn’t very far on it, so it is not too much to start over.  I feel horrible that I haven’t gotten the Thank You’s out yet, please know they are coming (I currently have them in a drawer with a piece of wood through the handles.)  I hope to have them finished tonight, so I can finally send them out tomorrow. 

The other experiment we did today with my daughter was to try to make an indoor rainbow (like on Curious George).  I was a HUGE failure, my daughter cried for 25 minutes that she didn’t get to create a big rainbow like on George.  We did get a little rainbow but could never get it bigger than an inch (the one on George was the whole width of the paper).  We tried to comfort her and tell her it was a cartoon but that did not help.  We finally got her to calm down by letting her help my husband paint my son’s bedroom.

I hope to have Thank you cards, random acts of kindness card and finished (FAIL) curtains to show everyone soon!

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