Craft/Home Decor

Book Binding 101: Accordion Book
Book Binding 101: Poster Board Book
Book Binding 101: Travel Sketchbook PDF Download
Book Binding 101: Tortoise Stitch Book
Easy Ceramic Coasters
Easy Cake Stand
Easy Homemade Gift Bags
Easy Homemade Gift Boxes
Homemade Ice Packs
Homemade Bath Salts
Homemade Earrings and Necklaces
Magnet Calendar
T.A.P. Monster Shoes
TAP Dress Shoes
Thomas the Train Cupcake Topper
Booga Proofing Light Switches (Baby Proofing)
One of a Kind Stationary Gifts
Dollar Store Clothes Organizer
 Booga's Painted Shoes  Glittered Butterfly Shoes One of a Kind
Freezer Paper Stencil Chuck Close T-Shirt Iron-On Transferr Johnny Cash T-Shirt
Homemade Glittered Ruby Slippers Year End Teacher's Gift
Littlest Pet Shop Bakery Magnet Travel Table with Homemade Magnets
 River Rock Trivet

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