My New Living Room

Seven years ago we had a minor issue with moisture (okay it was huge and we ended up ripping out all the carpet). We then had to treat the floor and the walls for mold it was a mess and I didn’t have a living room for a month. Over that time period I found … Continue reading

The Weight Thing (again)

I have been pretty straight forward with my weight and struggles with it. I have never been “thin” even when I was thin. I carry my weight well and always have. Recently, between back issues, being laid off and pretty much being a slug. I decided to finally start doing something about it again. The … Continue reading

To Mask or Not To Mask

I personally have been dawning my mask since May, any time I leave the house or head to work. I have been called horrendous names and told I was going to get pneumonia for wearing one (true interaction) the guy then said he was not a doctor (no, I am shocked – eye roll). I … Continue reading

Grandma’s Zoom Meeting

I thought long and hard about the title for this post, I mean Funeral Zoom (sounded a little depressing) was what it was named, then I thought why not title it a Zoom Meeting because I have a tendency to go off on tangents (like most Zoom Meetings). I am sitting here typing waiting for … Continue reading

Saying Good-Bye in a Pandemic

Saying Good-Bye in a Pandemic

There are many things outside of a global pandemic that have really made 2020 be like damn, what the hell man?  My Grandma Helen passed in January before I made it home, I unfortunately was not able to change my plane tickets and I was in the process of starting a new job.  I worked … Continue reading

A New Normal…

Many things can be said of this new normal, the thing that sticks with me the most is the lack of touching. No hugs (I miss hugs – I am a hugger), nobody wants paper maps or brochures and people will steal hand sanitizer (not lying on this one – liquid gold, I tell you) … Continue reading

Back to Work…

Well sort of. I received a call from one of the local tour companies asking if I wanted to help them out a couple days a week. I figured why not as long as I still qualify for unemployment I will do it. So this week coming up I am working a couple days. I … Continue reading

I’m Tired…

I am sure many people are saying this right now. Yes, I live in a state that is “opened” that doesn’t mean I am going to the Tattoo parlor or getting my nails done or my hair for that matter. I am staying put and I will say my patiences are non-existence. Everyone is bored, … Continue reading


As my last blog post stated our Governor decided to start reopening Georgia. There was no scientific evidence to support this action. Considering we have only tested 1% of our population, I feel this is way too soon. Yes, I want to go back to my job and my life outside of my house as … Continue reading