I have been laid off from my job since March 20th. I know it wasn’t because of my performance or anything I did, it doesn’t make it any easier. I have been watching and reading far more local news in the process. Adjusting to this new normal has brought forth many questions such as are … Continue reading

March the longest month ever…

The first two weeks of March flew by as they usually do. The last two weeks have been about 2,000 days long. I guess that is what happens when you have to stay in one place and are not supposed to go anywhere. People panic buying toilet paper, water, and every milk, chicken, eggs and … Continue reading

Home Economics

I admit I don’t have the best record in Home Economics. My 7th grade year, I got a C because my classmates forgot to turn off the oven and almost caught the school on fire (I was home sick with strep – I happened to be on oven duty that week). My 8th grade year, … Continue reading

Social Distancing…

We have been very good at social distancing. Only one of us goes to the store, we wipe everything down, remove all exterior plastic and boxes. Talk to neighbors across the street, not letting my kids play with others. It has been hard and my kids keep asking when will everything go back to normal? … Continue reading

Making People Laugh

With the COVID-19 social distancing, I decided I wanted to make people in my neighborhood laugh. Many people are putting ready bears in their windows, I decided I wanted to do something funny. We were watching SpongeBob the other night, we got to the episode where Patrick needs to build a stable to house Mystery, … Continue reading

I Miss People…

My daughter said it best this morning when I asked if they wanted to go pick up lunch at the bus stop. “Yes! I miss people.” When it is said like that, so do I. During any given day I speak to 20-100 people a day, depending on how busy we are. I miss people, … Continue reading

Two Weeks… What?!?!?!

It has been two weeks since everything started to shut down. Two weeks ago we were anxiously awaiting St. Patrick’s Day. This has been a Twilight Zone experience. Everything has shut down, we are all supposed to be practicing social distancing and people want to throw parties. Let’s get a couple food trucks in the … Continue reading

4th and 26th (Again…)

Anyone who has read my blog or knows me, knows I am a huge Packers Fan. The Packers were playing in the NFC Championship Game (they were winning) and 4th and 26th happened, we lost. I use this expression when governmental agencies don’t have their ducks in a row. Wow, I have never seen such … Continue reading

A New Normal…

My dogs are loving this social isolation, all four of us home for days on end, a dog’s dream. Today officially begins our homeschooling adventure. Spring Break was last week so we have not pressured the kids to tackle anything. The limiting of video games and YouTube will be interesting. I wouldn’t mind YouTube if … Continue reading

The Search of Toilet Paper…

Yesterday, the hubs went grocery shopping early in the morning (8am). The store didn’t have much meat, chicken or lunch meat. They also didn’t have toilet paper. We were talking and I told him I had to run to Walmart so I would check. I went, there was none but they did have Kleenex, gummy … Continue reading