My fondness of murals…

Every since I was a kid I have had a fondness of wall and ceiling murals. I have done numerous research projects on Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel and I have painted several murals. My first was on the side of my garage with the help of my grandma, I was in the 3rd grade. Then I painted Copper from the Fox and the Hound on my bedroom door… it was the only dog I was getting. I also started the different Mickey Mouses and never finished it because I didn’t like the new Mickey. In high school I painted some murals in my hometown at a local nursing home and the local civic center. My crowning achievement was The Lion King scene I painted on the other side of my parent’s garage. I asked my dad he said he would buy the paint but I had to paint the whole thing by myself. He even set the scaffolding up for me. People in my hometown and my friends still talk about The Lion King Mural. I painted some bamboo on my bathroom in the apartment my husband and I lived in.

When we got our house I wanted to paint something on my daughter’s wall. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted or more to the point what she wanted. Then she told me one day she wanted Dwarfs (as in the Seven Dwarfs.) So I started January 2009 got 95% of the painting done, then found out I was pregnant and I couldn’t finish it. It sat unfinished for over a year, finally I finished it last week. My daughter loves it and convinced me to paint another mural on her closet doors.

This time it is a Littlest Pet Shop Theme. I am making great progress considering my husband has been working 6 day weeks, I have a very cranky almost 6 month old (I wish those teeth would come in already.) My daughter is having fun critiquing my work on the new wall mural. She has told me I am not allowed to use artistic license, the colors need to match the picture. She has a very good eye for color, I might market her services to the local art school she would be spectacular at color theory.The picture I am putting on my daughter’s closet doors.

The closet doors about a fourth of the way finished.

The closet doors with the tree almost finished and the orange house (that according to my daughter is the wrong color orange) I was told I can repaint it the right color orange tomorrow.

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