Digital Scrapbooking… My New BFF

After experimenting last night with digital scrapbooking I LOVE it! I love it so much that I was lying awake last night thinking about all the cool things I could scan in and turn into scrapbooking elements. The possiblities are endless, especially since I have an awesome scanner and Adobe Fireworks. My first attempt at making scrapbooking elements will be later on today when I scan in stuff from my baby shower. I must admit I did not think I was going to enjoy this as much as I did but there are so many benefits to doing this.

Here they are in no particular order:
– No MESS! There is no mess to clean up. Having limited time to scrapbook means I need to get the most out of the time I have and it usually takes me 30 minutes to get everything out. I can make two pages in 30 minutes on the computer.

– Journaling – I have small sheets of paper in Jillian’s plastic sleeves stating what happened and what we did. Printer ink is rare in my household, so I have never gotten around to printing and adding the journaling to the pages. I will someday, more than likely for graduation.

– If you don’t like something you have Ctrl Z (undo). There have been many, many pages that I have done that I have liked where I put a sticker or an embellishment. No “undo” in paper scrapbooking.

– Fonts – Oh how I love you all. It doesn’t matter if I only use maybe 5 or 6 of you a year, I love you all equally (all 600+ of you).

– Your book can come assembled. I am very excited about this because I hate filling the books. I have everything in plastic sleeves but I have no book to put them in, so knowing I don’t have to take everything apart to fit in one more page makes me happy.

– Price – Scrapbooking is expensive, and I can also see how digital scrapbooking can become expensive, but there are so many resources for “free” layouts and stuff on-line. When can you find free paper, scissors, glues, and embellishments? I mean with paper scrapbooking you need: photos, glue, papers, embellishments, scissors, sleeves, stickers, more glue, more paper, and time. Digital – all you need is 30 minutes, a photo program (I already have Photoshop), and all you have to pay for is the printing.

 – My Favorite – Your pages can keep the same background!  I can just make a template and use that template for every stage.  I LOVE THIS!!!!!  I would have to buy 4 packs of paper just to do 4 pages the same way!  I wouldn’t even use half the paper in the pack, only one or two sheets.  I have a ton of ugly paper sheets that I try to incorporate into pages but it is just too hard sometimes.

Like I said I have a new BFF and actually deem it plausable to finish Vincent’s 1st year of life before his party. Here are the first couple of pages:

Page 1

Page 2
Page 3

Paper is by Heather Butcher and can be downloaded here (it is FREE!)

Font is P22 Michelangelo (I bought it when I was in college – my font obsession), HOOTIE, and Times New Roman

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