Craft Stick Puzzles

I have mentioned my giant box of Craft Sticks before and believe it or not I will have to replenish my supply shortly. My daughter starts school on Monday so she only has a couple more days of being “crafty” with mom. Today I wanted to do something simple and fun. My daughter loves puzzles. I decided to make craft stick puzzles with her today. Extremely easy and the material list is also simple: craft sticks, tape, and markers.

Take 10 small craft sticks (or 5 big ones) put 2 pieces of tape down either side, flip over and decorate. Once you are finished with your design remove tape and put your puzzle together. I would encourage your child to make an easy to identify image so it will be easier to put together.

(I want to apologize for no photos – uploading issues.  I will update with photos as soon as I can.)


The back side of the puzzle with tape.

The surface that can now be colored.

I forgot to take pictures of the puzzle but she loves it and had fun making it and putting it together.

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