Homemade Thanksgiving Themed Trivets

According to Wikipedia:

A trivet (pronounced /ˈtrɪvɨt/) is an object placed between a serving dish or bowl, and a dining table, usually to protect the table from heat damage.

Since I will be hosting Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner on Saturday I want to decorate the house in a “fall theme” (hence the vase and the still unfinished serving plate).  My first idea was to make trivets with the leaves but then I thought I want something a little more personal.  I decided to trace the kids handprints and make handprint turkeys with them. 

Last year I bought PLAID Enamel Paint for glasses I painted for Christmas presents.  I had a ton of paint left over from that project and have been thinking of ways to use it.  I thought this would be a great way to use the paint and make a fantastic keep sake for me.


1 6”x6” Ceramic Tile (I paid $0.48 per tile at Home Depot)

1 6”x6” Felt (I have a ton of felt)

Assorted Color of PLAID Enamel Paint (I purchase mine at Michael’s last year for $3.28 a bottle – I leave price tags on stuff, lol)

Paint Brush

Paper/Pencil (to trace your child’s hand, recommended if you have very small children)

Hot Glue Gun (to glue the felt to the ceramic tile)

Dry Erase Marker

There are several ways you can do this project.  Paint first add felt last (recommended if you “bake” the paint.  I choose to add felt first and paint last because the tile would have scrapped the table I was working on (yes I was working at a table – shocking I know).  I then cut out the handprints (save them for another awesome Thanksgiving inspired template) and traced them with a dry erase marker (I love these things!)  I erased the lines I didn’t want and painted as desired.


The materials


I cut the felt to fit the tile and hot glued the tile to the felt.


The template of my children’s hands (I used scrap paper and traced their hands on the paper and cut it out.)


I then traced the template with a dry erase marker (it happened to be brown).


I then painted the hands like turkeys and added 2010.  Once dried you can let it set for 1 hour then you can bake it in an oven for 30 minutes at 350 (if you bake it add felt after) or let it air dry for 21 days.  I have done both if you use light color next to a dark color I recommend the air dry method or it will bleed!

My daughter did not paint the turkeys I did, but she did have color input.  The paints are non-toxic and I have in the past let my daughter paint with them.  I plan on letting her make one this week but she was more excited about making a sign with glitter then painting.  I think she will want to make one after she sees it, if she does I will post hers also.

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