Pink Pom-Pom Birdie

My daughter has been bugging me for over a week to make a bird out of pom-poms.  I finally broke down and pulled out the pom-poms and helped her make a birdie.
1 small pom-pom
1 large pom-pom
2 feathers
2 googly eyes
1 pieces of 1 1/2” pipe cleaner (feet)
1/2”x1/2” piece of felt (beak)
glue (I used Tacky Glue)

Picking the pom-poms, pipe cleaner, and the feathers.
We glued the small pom-pom to the big one – we are waiting for the glue to dry in this picture.
We added the wings, my helper was hamming it up for the camera.
We added googly eyes, a beak made from felt and feet made from 1 1/2” pipe cleaner that I bent into a foot shape.
A very happy customer (she is very hard to please at times – lol).  This was a very easy project 20 minutes tops and she loves it!

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