Finish It Friday! (More like Frantic Friday–lol!)

All week I have prepared for Friday at 2pm (my daughter’s class party) – I baked 5 dozen Christmas Trees (Sugar Cookies) and made 4 cups of green frosting.  I had no idea how this would work first I thought give them sandwich bags and let them pipe everything.  The more I thought about it the more I thought that wasn’t a good idea.  So I decided to give each child a Dixie Cup of frosting and a craft stick.  Honestly I was really scared about how this was going to work and with making Teacher Gifts last night and with how my week has gone I was not holding out hope.  Much to my surprise (and other parent’s too) it worked FANTASTIC and the kids LOVED IT!  Each child got 2 cookies one to eat in class and one to take home.  They also decorated them with sprinkles and colored sugar, we put a little bit on each plate any they sprinkled on the cookies.  I can not tell you how great this worked with 19 – 5 year olds (very little mess).  I am so happy and relieved this worked and everyone had a great time and loved my cookies Smile  I forgot my camera and my cell phone at home so there are NO pictures of the kids decorating the cookies Sad smile

My daughter’s cookie she decorated to take home.
1 Cup Butter softened
4 cups powder sugar
1 TSP Vanilla
2 TBSP Milk
Cream butter, vanilla, milk together in a bowl.  Add sugar one cup at a time.  Mix until blended completely.  Add food coloring if desired.

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