Finish It Friday and Super Bowl Eve–Eve…

I didn’t get a whole lot done this week mostly set up templates for the design project. 

I did finish two ads and got two coupons done:

Jamie Half Page 2 copy

Jamie Half Page 3 copy


I also did a small painting on The Paint Box that I really liked:

Watercolor Sunset001

India Ink and watercolor.

It is also Super Bowl Eve-Eve, I must admit I am really excited for Sunday.  I go into Sunday cautiously optimistic that the Packers have a good game.  As a Packers Fan I admit I don’t have the nagging feeling that they are going to blow it like I always had with Favre at the helm.  I like Aaron Rodgers I think he has a good head on his shoulders and handled himself amazingly through the Brett Favre fiasco of a few years ago.  I had mixed feelings of Brett Favre leaving, I thought he was being pushed out by Ted Thompson but then I realized that he like most star caliber players was just a Diva.  He didn’t talk to anyone in the locker room he didn’t hang out with the guys and it was all about him.  I didn’t mind Brett Favre going to the Jets but when he retired again and went to Minnesota that was the dagger in the heart (I would have felt better if he went to the Bears).  I knew many things about Brett Favre after watching him with the Packers all those years, one was throwing an interception in a key moment of a game.  I remember holding my newborn son watching Brett Favre’s Vikings beat Green Bay in Green Bay and telling him, “Just wait he will blow it for Minnesota like he did for us in the NFC Championship Game.”  Several months later with less than two minutes left to play he came through in GRAND FAVRE FASHION – INTERCEPTION!  Jeff sat there in shock he couldn’t believe it – I was screaming and jumping for joy all around the living room.  I think I was saying stuff like, “See that is what it is like to have Brett Favre as your quarterback!  Disappointing isn’t it?!”  Jeff said he didn’t think it was going to happen but in the end I was right.  That was the way of it as a Packers Fan through the Brett Favre years, disappointment after disappointment.  Yes we had 1996 Super Bowl I still think that was a fluke.  I remember watching ESPN and thinking “Really?!  You would take Brett Favre in a tight game over Drew Brees or Payton Manning?”  I wouldn’t I guess I had my heart broken too many times.

Back to my original point – Green Bay has had every reason not to make it to the Super Bowl this year (there are currently 15 players on IR) and they did.  I will be watching the game this weekend at a friend’s house in my A.J. Hawk jersey hoping beyond all hope Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson, Clay Matthews, A.J. Hawk and the rest of the Packers get their chance to shine outside the shadow of Brett Favre.  There is no doubt the Favre shadow is dark and big but a Super Bowl Victory after taking the reins from the “great” Brett Favre will shut up Aaron’s critics (AKA: Skip Bayless) and finally give Aaron the respect he deserves!

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