Homemade Casting (Think Plaster) Recipe

I have been modifying and perfecting this for over a month and I FINALLY got the formula down – yay me!


Ziploc Sandwich bag

1/3 measuring cup

White Glue (Elmer’s or Dollar Store Equivalent – I am using that)


Craft Stick



Patience (not one of my strong points when it comes to waiting for stuff to set – lol)

The “Magic Formula” : ( # ) = How many times the 1/3 cup is filled.  It does not represent steps.

(1) 1/3 cup of Glue

(3) 1/3 cups of Water

(8) 1/3 cups of Baby Powder

Mix water and glue together first in the sandwich bag.  Adding one at a time the baby powder (mixing thoroughly before adding the next).  Once the all ingredients are add and the mixture is completely mixed, snip the corner of the bag and pipe into your molds.  Cure time is 24-72 hours depending on the thickness of the piece.  I have successfully expedited the drying time with a heat gun (beware can melt the plastic molds).  I have tried a low heat (200) oven for about an hour and that has worked also.  Beware the faster you dry it the more prone to cracks you are.  Also one sandwich bag makes a ton of casting stuff:

casting stuff

The top thing is used for holding my homemade baby food jars, the other is a paint palette, the yellow thing is an Easter Jello mold I got today (there is one more that has 3 filled) and the round thing was a cool plastic bowl we got from somewhere.  As you can see a little goes a long, long way!

It does shrink so unmolding an item isn’t difficult if the item is dried completely.  You can sand these, paint them, add inks, use Prismacolor Markers, and crave them with a mechanical pencil.  You are using baby powder and when sanding like with any fine dust you should wear a mask!

Also what do you think of the NEW watermark?  Besides the fact that it is the NEW address I will be watermarking my items in the middle.  I apologize if it is distracting but I sure most of you will understand why Smile

2 thoughts on “Homemade Casting (Think Plaster) Recipe

  1. Honestly it works really good (I rarely have plaster on hand but I have everything else). If you want to cast the whole hand you will probably need to get a casting compound first to make the mold. If you want to make hand prints I would wait until it is wither almost set or make it thicker.Hope this helps :)Thank you,Manda 🙂

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