Tasty Tuesday – Kitchen Sink (New Life to Leftovers) Rice Bake

Last week I decided I really wanted a hot meal for dinner and not a pb&j or cereal.  I decided to make a rice bake with leftovers.  We had a piece of steak and a fourth of a bag of veggies, I figured I could make something good with that.  I had a can of cream of mushroom soup, honestly you can do anything with and some rice. 

I cut up the meat into cubes so it would be easier to eat.  I added rice (we don’t us quick rice so it took a little longer to cook) the can of cream of mushroom soup and instead of water I used milk to the directions of the rice (made enough rice for 4).  I added the frozen veggies and butter, baked it at 325 for an hour and the rice was still crunchy.  So I increased it to 350 for 20 minutes and it boiled over in the oven but it cooked the rice.  Moral of the story:  If you make this and don’t want to scrub your oven put a pan under it 😀

The kids much to my surprise even ate it and Jeff even had some for lunch.  I see more Kitchen Sink Rice Bakes in my future – easy hot meal that the Booga will eat = BONUS!!! 

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