Tasty Tuesday – Homemade Butter in a Jar

I have had churned butter before and it is amazing, there is nothing like fresh butter.  I can say it never even crossed my mind to make it without a churn.  I honestly just decided to Google “Homemade Butter” and discovered I could make butter in a Mason Jar – all I needed was Heavy Cream, a pinch of salt in a Mason Jar.  I was very skeptical that this would make butter so I of course had to try it.

Me shaking the Mason Jar filled with Heavy Cream and a touch of salt
After shaking the jar for about 20 minutes.  Jillian and Jeff helped shake the jar too.
The butter after I drained the butter milk out of it.

Jeff and I are both extremely impressed by this it tastes FANTASTIC!  I have a feeling we will be making out own butter for many years to come and I am so okay with that!

The following recipe makes about 4 oz (at least that is what mine made – I didn’t have a full thing of Heavy Cream it was about 2/3 full).

1 Pint (16oz) of Heavy Cream
A Pinch of Salt
A Mason Jar

Dump heavy cream and salt into a mason jar.  Make sure the cover is on tight and shake until a ball forms – that ball is the butter.  Drain the butter milk.  You do need to “wash” the butter in cold water or it will go bad quickly.

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