Creative Paperclay Project 3 – Waffle Cone Earrings

My grandmother owns an ice cream shop in Michigan and loves earrings.  For Christmas I made her a set of earrings out of polymer clay.  They were really heavy (in my opinion, she loves them) so I decided to make her a new set out of the Paperclay.

Materials Needed:
Creative Paperclay
Fondant Roller
1″ Square Clay Cutter
(2) Loop Head Pin
Sculpting Tool
Exacto Knife
Paint (acrylic craft paint, assorted colors)
(2) Fish Hook Earrings

1.)  Take some Paperclay and flatten it with the Fondant Roller.  You want this a uniform thickness it will be approximately 1/8″ thick.

2.)  Take the square clay cutter and cut a square.

3.)  Take an Exact-O Knife and cut it diagonally to create two triangles.  Wrap one in a wet paper towel and put it in a plastic baggie (this will keep it from drying out).

4.)  Work the edges of the triangle to a thin edge by squeezing the edges with your fingers.  You may need to add water to help it from drying out.

5.)  Take the triangle and wrap it into a cone.  Add water to the edge and smooth with your favorite sculpting tool.

6.)  Take more Paperclay and roll out a thin snake.  Take the snake and dip it in water.  Once it has been removed from the water, place one end into the cone and swirl it around.  The water will act as “glue” so you will not need to do much sculpting to the ice cream.

7.)  Add your loop head pin.  I inserted the non loop end into the ice cream and poke it all the way through the cone.  If you hit the side it is okay just pull it up and try it again.  You can easily fix the Paperclay with water and a sculpting tool.

8.)  Take your favorite sculpting tool and do a criss cross pattern on the cone.  This pattern will will mimic the look of a waffle cone.  Once this is finished let the cones dry 24 hours.

9.)  Paint the ice cream cones your favorite flavors (above photo:  the right cone is what it should look like dried).  Add the fish hook earrings (you may need pliers to open the loop).  Trim any excess wire or add beads to the bottom of the cone.

10.)  Now you have a beautiful, light set of dangle earrings.

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