School’s Out for the Summer

After my daughter’s first year of school where she was learning something everyday this will be quite a change, the first week of Summer Vacation (oh, boy!)  So I am not even a week removed from surgery but am feeling great or starting to at least.  I asked my daughter what she wanted to do this summer and she said learn her Presidents and the Capitals,  I am pretty sure that is where we are going to start.

My mom leaves Friday and I do feel bad because we haven’t really gotten to do anything since she has been here, I have been sick for the whole three months she has been here.  I am definitely going to miss her because she has been a huge help (I think the Booga is also going to miss her). 

I think the first think we are going to do it make “Flash Cards” I have a Cricut (even though I don’t use it very often) and have the States cartridge.  I plan on writing the Capital and the name of the state on the back of the Flash Card.  I think that will be a nice refresher course for her and this way she can learn how to write the States and Capitals as well.

It should be an interesting summer to say the least considering it is on day 25 of 90 degrees plus (no end in sight any time soon). 

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