ABC Flash Cards for the Booga (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

I made flash cards for my daughter when she was 2 (she still has them).  I always assumed they would be passed down to the Booga.  Not so much my daughter refuses to give the Booga her Flash Cards.  So I am back to making flash cards this time I am cheating.  Last time I hand drew and colored each one this time I downloaded the Font I wanted and added my own clip art.  With a Booga I unfortunately do not have the time to draw, color, each one.  I decided to play with my tablet a little more and draw all the pictures on the tablet, print them out so my daughter could color them and make FREE Flash Cards for everyone!

To Download Click on the picture.  You will be brought to A.J.’s Digi Shoppe Click Download Button under the Flash Card Freebie.

Each Flash Card is 3″x5″ once downloaded you can print out the cards, have your child color the images and cut out the cards.  You have an easy rainy day activity. 

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