Sock Kitty Made by My Daughter

My daughter is 5 and loves to learn new things and since mommy has been sewing lately which means my daughter wants to sew or learn to sew.  
The postcard from C&T Publishing that started her obsession with taking all of her socks and making little pets.

So I decided that the bird would be too difficult for a beginner, I searched for a “beginner piece” and came across Craft Passion sock kitty.  I decided it would be perfect for my daughter to make.

Sock (prefer one with no mate)
Sewing Scissors
Poly Fil
Marker (for face)

1.  Take sock and cut off the elastic part of the sock.  Save this piece it can be used as a collar for your kitty.  My daughter did have a little trouble using the sewing scissors but she did get the hang of them.
2.  Stuff the sock – my daughter loved this part.

3.  Fold the opening to create ears.  

4.  Thread needle and start sewing.

5.  Add face with marker.  Add collar and you have a new little friend!

My daughter wants to take all of her socks and make little critters.  She also informed me that she she wants to make a dog to chase the cat and a bird so the cat can have lunch (I guess she has figured out the circle of life on her own – lol).

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