Magnet Number Game How To

Well it is that time of year when you need to refresh your math skills.  I am on Pinterest and saw this project and thought it was a great idea.  I wanted to change it a little: I wanted it to be able to go on the fridge with a magnet.  There were a couple things I needed to figure out the main one how in the world was it going to be able to clip the clothes pins and stick on the fridge?  The answer Foam Core!

Cereal Box
Circle Template (I used a coffee can lid for the cereal box and a peanut butter lid for the foam core)
Foam Core
Circle Magnet
Tacky Glue
10 Clothes Pins
Small Stamp (or a pencil with an eraser)
Ink Pad (I used Staz On for the wood and a Dye-Based for the paper)
Marker (I used a Bic Mark It – Playful Purple)
Card Stock
Exacto Knife
Number Stamps

I did a step by step downloadable tutorial so I am not going to retype the tutorial but here are the progress photos.

Cereal Box and Foam Core

Clothespin clipped and showing magnet

Front side of the number game magnet with the clothespins attached (well all but 6 – Booga stole it)

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