September is National Sewing Month

I have frantically been trying to finish Booga’s birthday present complete with pattern, and tutorial but I am only at 50% on the plush toy and 75% on the pattern.  In other words this has taken way more time than I had anticipated!  I know everyone is curious what am I making for the Booga?  A stuffed Toby the Tram Engine – it even has trim.  This project has a ton of little pieces so I am gluing and then sewing everything because I don’t want to lose anything.  At first this pattern was going to be a nice simple box but with most things I do I wanted it to look like the actual item so he slowly go more and more detail.  Several hours later he was finished (pattern wise).  As I sit here gluing each piece down I am questioning my sanity and the what the hell was I thinking has come into play already.

The front glued down but not sewn – why yes I did get my new webcam, thank you for noticing.
What Toby looks like

I am well aware this violates copyright so I am NOT profit from this in anyway – i.e. sell the pattern or make this for profit.  I am making this for my almost two year old son who is obsessed with Toby for his birthday.  If I finish it today I will post it as soon as I finish it so everyone to see.

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