Glittered Heart Shoes – How-To

My daughter really wanted her heart shoes glittered and when I mean glittered I mean so much glitter Lady Gaga would be jealous.  She got a pair of canvas heart shoes from a friend and they are her favorite “non-school” shoes.  Honestly she would wear them to school if there wasn’t a strict uniform policy.

So she came up to me and said, “Mom you know what would be really cool?”
Me:  “What?”
My Daughter:  “If my heart shoes could really sparkle?”
Me:  “I am pretty sure I can make that happen.”
My Daughter:  “I know that is why you should do it.”

I went through and got out my PLAID Extreme Glitter Paints (Rose #2788 and Turquoise #2790), a paint brush and got to work.

Supplies – The canvas shoes were originally from Old Navy

As you can see by the photo the some of hearts are glittered.  I asked my daughter if she just wanted the hearts glittered and she said, “NO the blue part will be jealous of the pink hearts.”  Makes perfect sense to me and by no means did I want jealous to ensue.

The first coat of blue glitter.  I ended up doing two coats of each color for adequate coverage.

Left shoe not finished the right show is sufficiently glittered!

Close up of the glitter.

The shoes “glittered” equals one happy little girl!

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