Works In Progress – Yes, Really!

I really have been working on a ton of stuff but having time to do blog post has really been hard recently.  So I decided to try writing on weekends and pre-schedule for the week.  I have really tried to do more tutorials and how-to meaning they can be posted anytime rather than doing the night before or the day of.  This is the first week of it so I am not sure of it yet.  I do already pre-schedule Festive Fridays and Paperclay Posts because it is easier to remember them that way. 

So here is what I have been working on:

Pastel Drawing I did of my daughter

Booga Pastel – I figured I did one child I need to do the other

One legged wire figure – maybe Dorothy (not sure yet)

Remember this?  I am finally drawing plans for it

Another Paperclay Project for my daughter’s scrapbook

Sneak Peek for tomorrow’s post!

Like I said I have been busy and hope to be able to do a Finish it Friday really soon!

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