How To Make a Littlest Pet Shop Bakery – Template

Littlest Pet Shop Bakery
I have mentioned the slight obsession my daughter has with Littlest Pet Shops.  She was looking through one of her pamphlets that she got with her Pet Shops for Christmas and found “The Bakery!”  She asked every day of her vacation to make the Pet Shop Bakery.  I finally caved and said okay we will make it.

The original picture.

Foam Core
Cereal Box
Hot Glue Gun
Exacto Knife
Gesso (Click for my Homemade Gesso Recipe)
Markers or Paint

1.  Print and cut out template.  Trace the bottom template onto the foam core.  Trace the walls onto the cardboard.  (I had my daughter do this part).

2.  Using an Exacto Knife cut out the Foam Core and the Cardboard.

3.  Shape cardboard around the base (bend the card board around the base.  Hot Glue in place a little piece at a time.  This part can get very hot and is NOT for children.

4.  Add roof and front decor.  Paint with Gesso, allow to dry.

5.  Decorate with paint or markers.  Add sign to shop with Hot Glue.

This project was quite easy compared to some of the Pet Shop Items I have built.  We used Bic® Mark-its™ to color the Pet Bakery and Tulip® White Puffy Paint for the sign.  Her Pet Shops are no longer hungry for that cookie.

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