Painted Shoes for The Booga!

Booga's Painted Shoes
Booga is obsessed with Toy Story so I decided to make him a pair of Alien Shoes.Materials:
Canvas Shoes (I got these at Wal-Mart for $5.00)
PLAID® Paint ( Folk Art – #954 Fresh Foliage, Folk Art – #513 Cayman Blue, Folk Art – #429 Winter White and Folk Art – #2557 Perfect Purple)
Mod Podge (used to seal the paint)
Light colored Pencil
Paint Brush
Ultra Fine Bic® Mark-it (for detail)

 Sketch out the design on the shoes.  I had to work one at a time because Booga wanted to wear the other shoe why I worked on one.
 Paint the base coat in first.
 It took two coats of paint to cover everything – I did not use a fabric medium that is why I covered them with Mod Podge.
Finished shoes fit for any Toy Story crazed kid.


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