What I’m working on Mobile edition

I spent the day trying to all my computing stuff done because bad weather is on its way.  I am actually sitting here typing this on my phone from my couch.  I am working on so many things but I need to get my act together and write blog posts. 

I am really bummed I can’t figure out the HTML to transfer the blog over.  I am debating if I should switch it over and fix it as I go but I really don’t like that.

My daughter is also on Spring Break next week so I have a couple of projects in mind.  I didn’t really do any Easter Crafts this year we may have to do one or two tomorrow.  I have so many ideas but I have also been knocked out by allergies.  I hope to start feeling better tomorrow and finish a number of blog posts – my goal is 5 or 6. 

Eco-friendly crafts will be on the work table I am so excited – I love April and Earth Day 🙂

I am also scrapbooking I am having so much fun creating flowers.  I really love that Hot of the Press Template (I enclosed the photos).

Thanks for reading even when I am in a tutorial slump.

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