How-To Make A Girl Scout Sit-Upon

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This past weekend my daughter and I went to Girl Scout Camp in Lizella, Georgia (the middle of NO WHERE – they had pay phones, lol).  One thing we had to make was Sit-Upons so we could sit around the camp fire and eat s’mores yum!  My mom told me we made these when I was a Girl Scout (I honestly don’t remember but I believe her) and was quite mad that I didn’t remember.  Anyways this was really easy and did not cost a penny (I had everything).

Vinyl Table Cloth (Ours is Easter Pattern that was left here in a closet when we moved in – brand new)
Pinking Shears
Hole Punch (standard size
Foam (Mine was an old foam egg carton thing)

Take the table cloth fold into quarters.  Cut it out with pinking shears.

Fold the cut piece in half again and cut again with pinking shears.

Look two soon to be sit-upons.

I took a safety pin and put the yarn through the end loop so it would be easier to  use for the Princess.  I took a Paper punch and punched the holes one inch apart all around the sit-upon (you do NOT need to punch the folded end).

The Princess sewing her sit-upon with a simple blanket stitch.

Close up of the stitching

The foam that we used for the filling.  Newspaper or any other  material can be used to filled the sit-upon.

We sewed up 2 sides and slid the foam in the opened side and sewed it up.

Finishing the last edge of the sit-upon.

Both finished

Using it at camp.

 Brief overview of our weekend:

We got all the way there and got a flat tire – AAA and the Ranger  “Doc”  at the camp were FANTASTIC!  They got us fixed up and we made it home.

Camp fire – S’mores

My S’more!

Learning archery

The Princess in the Canoe

Self Portrait of me in the canoe to prove to Jeff that I actually went in the canoe and canoed .  The worried look was me worried I might drop my phone in the river not because of the water – lol.  I haven’t been canoeing since 1998 when my friends jumped out of the canoe and left me in the middle of Lake Superior to paddle back to shore.  It is amazing that you don’t forget how to do it – lol!

The Princess and me on a beautiful Spring Day at Girl Scout Camp

Look a pay phone!


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