Why Didn’t I Post This Weekend?

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I had a post schedule, actually I have had posts scheduled all week long but it seems Blogger does not want to publish any scheduled posts (and hasn’t for 2 weeks).  I have used Blogger for close to 6 years and this is really the first time I have ever thought about switching my blog to Word Press.

I schedule EVERY post I do I write them at night after my children go to bed or on a weekend, sometimes even months in advance.  I need this feature to work and Blogger seems to not really care about this simple function.  If I do make the switch it will not be until I really figure WP out, what I am hoping is that Blogger get their head out of their asses before this.  Looking at the forums it doesn’t seem like they are.  I mean at one point this morning my calendar had 31 days in April and no May 1.  I have a philosophy if it is not broke don’t fix it – Blogger broke it and they don’t seem to be in a big hurry to fix it.

Blogger has been good to me up until this point but two weeks of this is long enough and if they don’t want to fix it I think it is time (maybe) to move on to Word Press (no matter how much kicking and screaming is involved).


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