Flower Bookmark for Sakura Hobby Craft

It is almost summer and that means beach time with a good book, so I decided to make the Princess a new bookmark (I am going to make myself one too!)

Bookmark Template
Cereal Box
Studio 112™ 60-30905
Terri Sproul Mixers:  Purple Pearl, Rose Pearl, Garnet Pearl, Shimmer Violet, Shimmer Pink Sapphire
3D Crystal Lacquer
Beacon 3-in-1 Glue
StazOn Jet Black
Dew Drop (Pink)
Tissue Paper

1.  Trace bookmark template onto cereal box and cut out (I did mine on a fold).
2.  Fold Cereal box in half.
3.  Take a ruler and measure in 1/4″ on the sides and 1″ in the top and bottom.  Cut out the center (folded) with an Exacto Knife.  Optional a Decorative hole punch to add extra embellishments.
4.  Cut acrylic slightly smaller than the cardboard.  Peel the protective sheet off one side and add glue.  Press down the acrylic to the cardboard.
5.  Peel off the other protective sheet and glue it together.  Taking the StazOn Ink Pad – Ink a stamp and stamp image on one side of the acrylic.  Take the Crystal Lacquer and Mixers and Paint the backside of the acrylic.  Taking tissue paper used the lacquer and mixers to adhere to the bookmark.  Allow it to dry.  Add Ribbon and Dew Drop.  Find a good book and read!



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