One of a kind butterfly shoes

Glittered Butterfly Shoes One of a Kind


When you have a princess who knows you can paint, no amount of convincing will change her mind when she gets an idea.  She really wanted purple and pink butterfly sparkle shoes, one problem there was no place that makes pink and purple sparkle butterfly shoes.  So I decided (caved) make her a pair of pink and purple sparkle butterfly shoes.

1.  Materials:

  •  White Canvas Shoes
  • Pencil (I used a watercolor pencil
  • Bic® Mark-its™ (I used Pink and Purple)
  • PLAID® Extremem Glitter Paint (Rose and Purple)
  • Paint Brush

2.  Draw design on shoes with pencil.

3.  Color the lightest color first with the Bic® Mark-it™ (Note this step is optional – my daughter wanted a solid color under the glitter.  Paint would also work I would recommend fabric medium, so it wouldn’t be so stiff.)

4.  Finish all of the first color before moving onto the darker color.

5.  Color the darker color.

6.  Add Extreme Glitter – I did 3 coats per color)

7.  Allow 24 hours to dry add shoes laces and give to a princess.

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