Testing Natural Make-up

A couple months ago I posted about how I got rid of ALL my makeup.  I have been officially make-up free for 3 months which leads me to my recent dilemma, I need makeup for Friday, for my daughter’s awards ceremony.  I hunted for a recipe even though I do have mica powder I really don’t want to put it on my skin if I can help it.  I wanted something natural and wouldn’t cause me to break out, I found a recipe from Wellness Mama on how to use the stuff in your pantry for makeup.

I decided to try this because I had everything to make the eye shadow and bronzer.

Homemade Makeup

Cinnamon, Cocoa Powder and Corn Starch – not pictured Corn Starch

I mixed the powders together to get the desired shades.  Little corn starch to the darkest color, a little more corn starch to the medium and so forth.  The bronzer was mostly cinnamon with a touch of cocoa powder.  Exact measurements are based on your own skin tone – I recommend playing and mixing.

Containers of Makeup

I did three shades of eye shadow: dark, medium and light. The big container is the bronzer (cinnamon, cocoa powder and corn starch – mostly corn starch and cinnamon with a touch of cocoa powder)

I used makeup brushes to apply the makeup.

Me with makeup

The makeup – it is light and smells good. Coverage is basic, I compare it to just using powder with no foundation. The eyeshadow worked great! It worked just like normal eyeshadow. It was a tad powdery but I think if I were to use arrowroot powder it would be less powdery than the corn starch.

I wore this for about 7 hours on Tuesday, it held up well in the heat and it did not make me want to scratch my face off.  I think I finally have a winner when it comes to natural (cheap makeup).

****Disclaimer if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please do not put them on your face (you will still be allergic to them).  I also want to add just because it worked for me does not mean you will have the same results.  Every skin type (person) is different that is why the makeup industry in a million dollar industry.

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