Teacher’s Necklaces

I was going through some photos and realized I never blogged about these.  I made the necklaces for my daughter’s teachers for Christmas and the matching boxes too.

The pendant I created myself out of polymer clay (FIMO®) from a sketch .  I then baked the FIMO® Pendant according to the package.  Once the piece was cool I created a mold with Amazing Mold Putty.  Taking Copper Mica Powder to brush the mold and casted each piece with the quick cast resin from Amazing Crafting Products.

Using copper wire I created the clasps, other embellishments around the beads, I then strung everything with coordinating ribbon.  I created the boxes using Robin’s Nest Paper that coordinated with each necklace.

I was extremely pleased with how they turned out and now I have a mold so I can create the piece for future teachers.  I honestly have no idea what I am going to do if my children ever get a male teacher – lol.

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