Garden = V…I…C…T…O…R…Y…!

The Victory garden was a term coined during World War II to encourage people on the home front to grow their own food.  Growing their own food made it so more resources (i.e. food) could be sent to our troops over seas.  Remember we were fighting a war on 2 fronts, ration coupons were being issued.  My grandmother always talked about her mom’s Victory Garden: the biggest peppers, the sweetest tomatoes and the freshest lettuce.  She would then say I killed everything I tried to grow (for the record she still does – she kills cactuses) but my mom had the greenest thumb I ever saw.  I started container gardening a couple years ago and believe it or not have had better luck with containers than in the ground (not sure why).  This year I went back to containers for my garden and as I posted started almost everything from seed only to have the Booga dump bubble solution on the lot of seedlings.  I honestly thought they were all gone but I had 6 tomato plants that survived the wrath of Booga.  I admit I did buy the egg plant and the pepper plant because those seedlings did not survive.  So if you are looking to save money and have fresh veggies (I grow veggies my kids would never touch) get some containers, soil and some seeds.  Danvers Half Long work fantastic in a window box, as do lettuce, spinach and bush beans.  5 gallon buckets work great for tomato plants (just dill holes for drainage).  There is something very rewarding knowing you grew what you are eating.

Egg plant flower, my mouth waters with anticipation.


My beautiful pepper he grows bigger every day.  I can not wait to eat him and his friends.

Tomatoes hoping I get quite a few very soon.

This is my reward for my hard work until I start growing my own hops!

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