Subtraction Girl – Super Hero Cape

When you have a princess and a Booga there is never a dull moment.  The other day the princess said, “Mom I am a super hero and I need a cape.”

Me:  “What is your super hero name?”

Her:  “Subtraction Girl!  I also need a logo on my cape.  You make great logos mom!”  (Buttering me up so I would create her logo.)

Me:  “Okay, how about you draw what you want for your logo and I will make it for you.”

Her:  “Really?!  That is so cool, I need some paper!”

About 20 minutes later the princess came back with her logo.

The logo design idea the Princess drew for me.

The cape was made from an old t-shirt the idea came from Monkeys in My Bed.  So when a cape was asked for I knew how I was going to make it.

The finished product:

Subtraction Girl showing off her cape!

Subtraction Girl’s Logo

Alpha Boy’s Cape is not finished yet so I will post as soon as Alpha Boy’s Cape is finished.

To Be Continued…

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