Sakura Blog Hop – All Things Altered

Blog Candy – 3 Mixers and a bottle of Crystal lacquer

One winner – Sakura blog.. must let us know their favorite project. winner will be posted on monday the 30th. on sakura blog. remind them to vote for their favorite product on sakura blog.

I also want to apologize in advance for the lack of organization (spelling, etc.) on this blog post. Our AC unit decided to die this week and we were advised to leave our house until it is fixed. I am currently staying somewhere with no internet and typed this mainly on my phone.

I thought long and hard about this blog hop because I didn’t want to repeat something I had done or anything my team mates had done.  A couple months ago I created some up-cycled jewelry that just happened to match my new dress I just got.  I decided to take a pancake mix box and make a matching handbag (a cereal box would also work).
Pancake Mix Box or Cereal Box
Mat Board
Toliet Paper
Wall Paper
Exacto Knife
3d Crystal Lacquer
Terri Sproul Mixers (shimmer tanzanite, shimmer green and shimmer citrine)
Handles for Purse (I used upostery edging)
Dew Drops
Mod Podge


The width of the purse is 7″ the height is 5″ on each side and 3″ on the bottom making the total length of cardboard needed is 13″. Take your 7″x13″ piece of cardboard mark 5″ on each side and score a straight line across. Mark 3″ on both sides from the score line and score again. Fold on score lines so glossy side of the cardboard is inwards. Cut a piece of mat board 3″x7″ (this will reinforce your bottom) glue to the glossy side of the cardboard.


Take wall paper and line the inside of the “purse” adhere with Mod Podge. For the sides cut 2 pieces of 6″x5″ wall paper. Take one piece of 6″x5″ fold in half. Glue the piece together creating a 3″x5″ piece. Taking a ruler and bone folder score the bottom to a triangle. From the point of the triangle score in half straight up (think of a paper bag). Repeat for the other one. Glue them to the inside of the purse this will create a bag. Attach the handles. For the closure I covered front and back a scrap piece of the pancake box 3 1/2″x 3″ I rounded the end. I attached it with glue and 4 brads.

I added velcro for a closure.

I used 3d crystal lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers to lacquer the toliet paper create the texture and the beautiful colors on the outside. For the finishing touches I rolled some tulle rossettes and hot glued them over a strip of the wall paper that was folded to look like a strap. I personally LOVE how this purse turned out and cannot wait to show it off on Sunday (date night!)





14 thoughts on “Sakura Blog Hop – All Things Altered

  1. I have a bit of a purse addiction and have made at least 10 paper purses! I love that I can make one for a great price that no one else has! Thanks for the idea to use Sakura for a fabulous finish!

  2. GORGEOUS. I was just out looking for a small purse and what do you know…now I will make my own. You are a genius. Hope your ac gets fixed soon.

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