Happy Anniversary Honey!

Saturday was our 7th Anniversary – I posted it today because of my Design Team Blog Post on Saturday (and I don’t post on Sundays).  I love him more every day, I love the fact I can walk into a room and  say, “How many people really look at another man’s shoes?”  And he will reply, “I simply didn’t notice, nobody did.”

We met back in 2001 and little did I know 11 years later we would be married and have two amazing children.  He has been so supportive in everything I do and has even given me that little push I need every now and then.  He makes me laugh, he knows what scares the hell out of me (zombies and spiders) and he knows when I need a break (even before I do).  I am so very grateful to have him by my side and I love him more every day.  I love you and I can’t wait to spend many, many more Anniversaries with you, honey!


Taken July 29th (yes I am wearing my hair down, thank you for noticing!)

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