Personalizing a Clear Backpack

We have several clear backpacks around our house because it is a requirement of our school district.  One of the ones we got when the Princess entered into Pre-K was a “Thomas Blue” trim backpack.  I love to personalize items for my kids for several reasons.  One it makes it easier to find when in a crowd (I mean not too many kids have alien shoes at Monkey Joe’s) and two it eliminates the fighting factor (at least in my mind it does.)

The princess’s backpack was already pink and purple flowered from last school year so no personalization was needed.  Booga needed a backpack that he could call his own so I did what any “crafty mom” would do I personalized it.  I know what you are thinking but you can draw and paint so I am not even going to try this.  Yes I can but I also know when to take shortcuts as I did with this project.  I promise this is a fun, EASY way to personalize and even reuse something that hasn’t been touched in several months.



  • Clear Backpack (one with a front pocket is best)
  • Coloring Book Page
  • Black Magic Marker (Sharpie or Bic Mark-it)
  • PLAID® Acrylic Craft Paint

Place the coloring book page into the backpack, tape in place. Take Magic Marker and outline the image. Once finished paint image on the inside of the bag (this will help prevent scratching. Allow to dry and seal with a paint on acrylic sealer.


I did outline again on the outside of the bag once I was finished painting.

This is a great way to personalize your child’s backpack but if you do it for school please check with your school district to see if doing something like this is permitted or if it violates the School System’s Code of Conduct Policy.


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