Amazing Crafting Products Fall Blog Hop

Welcome to the Amazing Crafting Products and Creative Paperclay® Design Team Fall Blog Hop.
Don’t forget to leave a comment on each of the participating blogs in order for your chance to win some amazing Blog Candy and tell Amazing Crafting Products and Creative Paperclay® who’s project was your favorite!
My project today is another figurine for my Wizard of Oz Collection – The Wicked Witch of the West!  I had never planned on making her but I needed an idea to incorporate AMP products and Creative Paperclay®.  The Princess actually came up with the idea for the witch looking into her crystal ball, she even found me one of Booga’s toy balls to mold.
The “crystal ball” was molded with clear resin at first, the yellow tint was actually from the mold, not from any dyes being added.  I personally thought the yellow tint gave it a more mysterious look.  The base was constructed out of Creative Paperclay® with an old thread spool and tinfoil base.  Once the clay dried I added the resin ball using hot glue, this also enabled me to create a nice finished looking base for the crystal ball.  I painted everything with a burnt umber and applied gold paint over the top and sealed with a sealer to create the finished look.  Once the sealer dried I resined the piece in place using Quick Cast resin with 2 drops of black dye (I used a small plastic coffee lid as the mold).
The witch was created with a wire, styrofoam, and tinfoil base.  I covered the witch with Creative Paperclay®  Modeling Material and sculpted her face, hands, arms, and feet.  I added the alpaca hair a couple strands at a time to create the look of real hair.  I allowed the witch to dry for 24 hours I then wet and dry sanded her until she was smooth.  I painted her a dark green as a base and added three lighter shades of green to create the finished skin color.  I also used Alphacolor® Soft Pastels to create the illusion of make-up on her face.  Her dress was hand sew from hand dyed and hand painted fabric.  Her hat was created from the same material from her dress that was starch with Stiffy® to create the point.  After the witch was dress I took the crystal ball and resined her into a larger coffee can lid (I used the Quick Cast Resin to complete this process).  The finishing touches were the faux stones I painted on the resin base.
Thank you for stopping by to see my Wicked Witch of the West I would love to hear what you think!  Don’t forget to stop by everyone’s blog to see the amazing creations! 


19 thoughts on “Amazing Crafting Products Fall Blog Hop

  1. I love this piece Amanda. The detail work is phenomenal. It was so interesting to see how she was built from the bottom up, and your use of the clear resin is pure genius. Keep up the good work.

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