Homemade Almond Butter

If you follow my blog you know the Booga has a peanut allergy.  He has had Tahini in the past because I make hummus but Almond Butter has always been way to expensive to purchase (seriously over $6.00 a container).  We always buy almonds Kroger has a 1lb of almond for $5.00 so we picked up a second bag so I could make Booga some Almond Butter.


  • Almonds (1 bag unsalted, not cooked)
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil
  • FOOD PROCESSOR (this is a must!)

Combine everything in the food processor until mixed.  I did have to scrap the sides with a spatula to make sure everything is combined.  Put in a jar (I used a small Mason Jar) and place in the fridge.

The almonds in the food processor

Food processor doing the magic!

Made “teeth” with apple slices, almond butter and mini marshmallows.

Booga trying and eating the “teeth”





Booga liked the Almond Butter even though he is claiming he did not like it but there is photographic evidence of him eating the Almond Butter.  I like it so if nothing else Jeff or I will eat it.

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