Kitchen Sink Repair

The old faucet

Okay so I know I have not posted a recipe in a couple weeks but this weekend we were going to make Eggplant Lasagna but our Kitchen Faucet finally went to faucet heaven.  For the record I have replaced faucets in the past and it usually takes a couple hours.  This project took several hours because that is my luck when it comes to plumbing.


My helper

Booga and I started the project on Saturday after Jeff and the princess went to a birthday party.  I broke the cardinal rule when doing plumbing – I didn’t look to see exactly how bad everything was before I purchased everything (I also didn’t have a basin wrench).  We knew the faucet was dying on a slow death but neither of us thought it was leaking that bad or anything else was leaking.   When I removed everything out from under the cabinet, it was wet meaning it had been wet for a while and we had another leak.  My heart sank because I knew it was more than just the faucet.  I also got up under the sink and noticed the extremely rusted washers and the broken plastic washer.  I realized there was no way my faucet would be completely finished before Jeff got back and now my kitchen was a huge mess.  I worked for 30 minutes with a wrench and I finally called my dad (because that is what I do when I don’t know how to do something).

The washers after being sprayed with WD-40

My conversation with my dad:

Me:  I can’t get the washers off.

Dad:  You need a wrench.

Me:  Dad I have a wrench my wrench isn’t working.

Dad:  No a basin wrench.

Me:  A what?

Dad:  Don’t you remember that wrench we used in grandma’s kitchen?

Me:  Sort of

Dad:  If you lived closer you could use mine but you will never get that off without one.  You might even have to remove the sink and replace the sink depending how bad it is.

Me:  Ummm, thanks dad.

My neighbor’s tools he let us borrow

So I hang up with my dad (knowing in 20 minutes my dad would be calling to check up on me) and I called my neighbor to see if he had a basin wrench.  He did and I was thrilled so Booga nad I went to the neighbor’s house to get the wrench.  We got home, Booga and I tried to get the washers off  I just wasn’t strong enough to get the washers to move.  I sprayed them with WD-40 for a second time and let them sit till Jeff got home.  Jeff got home and was a tad shocked at the state of the kitchen.

Right after Jeff removed the faucet

After scrubbing the sink to remove the rust we were able to save the sink.


He was able to get the washers off and we removed the faucet.  By this time it was getting late and we decided Chinese Food was the way to go for dinner.  While Jeff took the kids to the library (our books were due) and get dinner I put our new faucet in.  I got everything together and realized I forgot to buy new supply lines and shut offs for under the sink.  I turned the water on and the cold water shut off valve leaked but the faucet worked.  Jeff went to Home Depot on Sunday and picked up new supply lines and shut offs for under our sink.  I love our new faucet I will actually be able to wash my stock pot in the sink now (before it was really tricky because the faucet was really low.)

Me with my new faucet – yes I really was (am) that happy over the new faucet.  I really want to redo the tile (i.e. remove it) especially now.

Moral of the story:  No plumbing project is easy.  Also having a cool neighbor who has a ton of tools helps too.  Don’t forget to reward yourself with a beer afterwards.


My reward – Sam Adams® Stony Brook Red

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