Finish it Friday!

Believe it or not I actually finished projects this week!  I think I found my creative spark again because I am excited about Christmas and am creating items like a crazy woman (I am even using glitter).

Some of the ornaments I can’t show because I am doing them for blog posts/blog hops.  For example tomorrow I am taking part in:

Leslierahye's A Merry Holiday Steam Punk Blog Hop

Leslierahye’s A Merry Holiday Steam Punk Blog Hop

I know I entered a Steampunk Blog Hop I am proud of myself too because I have never done anything Steampunk before.  I am really excited and LOVE how my piece tured out.  I also did a special digital paper set for the Blog Hop.

I also have been doing the Recycled Ornaments:

Close up of the Bootle Cap Tree

Close up of the Bootle Cap Tree


Bottle Cap Wreath

Bottle Cap Wreath

I have 3 other ornaments that I made and a cute sign that I am in the process of starting (I have never made a sign for our house before) so I am making a Christmas sign this year!


We are doing the Santa Train tomorrow so I hope to have lots of photos of Booga and the Princess at the Santa Train!


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