Tasty Tuesday – Quinoa

Up until two weeks ago I had heard of quinoa in passing, oh you should try it sometime you will like it.  With going gluten free I am trying different things, for the record gluten-free pasta was actually pretty good, I would have never known that it was gluten free.  I read all these wonderful things about quinoa and it is so versatile.

I bought some and decided to make it with nothing (no sauce not in anything).  It recommended to rinse the quinoa before boiling to eliminate the bitter taste, so I pulled out my mesh strainer and rinsed everything before boiling.  I will say cooking it, it doesn’t have the best aroma (Booga kept asking me, “What’s that icky smell”).  It cooked within 15 minutes and looked exactly like couscous.  I was surprised that it had no real flavor with the smell I thought for sure it was going to be awful.  I decided to add some lemon juice, parmesan cheese and black olives – it was really good.

Another thing I also like about quinoa is the versatile, you can make it sweet or extend soup (I added it to my pea soup I made this weekend and it was really good.

I have not had a chance to really bake yet – I did get some gluten free all purpose flour so I am hoping it will work like a charm.


On a blog note I am really excited to announce I was picked to write for Craft Critique.  I am so excited to be joining such an amazing group of crafters and writers.

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