Tasty Tuesday – My Gluten Free Experience

It has been almost two months since I went Gluten Free, I wanted to share some of my experience with everyone.  I decided to go Gluten Free when I was told I had hyperthyroidism despite having barely any thyroid.  I was informed by my doctor either try Gluten Free or have what is left of my thyroid blasted with radiation (no thank you).  I chose Gluten Free because I personally don’t like glowing in the dark.  It seems like a straight forward easy decision but I sat and thought about what I couldn’t eat (bread, wheat, bread, beer, bread, beer – WHAT NO BEER?)  I admit I didn’t want to give up my bread or my beer for that matter (I love them both very much).

I decided to go for it I quit cold turkey, by the end of Day 1, I was drooling over Booga’s jelly sandwich.  Oh it was bad, I have never craved bread so bad in my life.

Day 2, I tasted my daughter’s mac and cheese, I found myself wanting to lick the bread of Booga’s sandwich.

Day 3, was even worse I shoved a Peppermint Snack Cake into my mouth (something I would have never done because they are gross).  Jeff questioned if this Gluten Free Lifestyle was really good for me because I was eating things I would have never eaten before (snack cake).

Day 4, violently ill from snack cake.

Day 5, Felt fine and no more cravings.

I have gotten Gluten Free Bread, which is very good and I love rice so I am definitely not starving.  I eat rice cakes or homemade chips now instead of baked tortillas.  Baking I use Gluten Free All Purpose Flour and surprisingly I haven’t had a problem doing a 1:1 ratio.  I eat more veggies and fruit as snacks opposed to a half of a sandwich.  The one thing I have missed the most is oatmeal and I am aware there are Gluten Free Oats but I have not purchased any.  I want the most bang for my buck when I do stuff so I opted for Quinoa (KEEN-WA).  I love the fact I can add brown sugar, apples and butter for breakfast and for dinner add some broccoli, cheese and make a casserole.

I also found beer, wonderful Gluten Free Beer which made me so happy because I really wanted a beer.  The beer I got was from Anheuser Busch called Red Bridge.  It is a lighter beer than my trusty Sam Adams but it had a good body and tasted similar to a Yuengling which is fine with me.

I am happy that I did go Gluten Free and surprisingly I am doing well on it.  I can tell when I have a tiny bit of Gluten, my tummy gets upset.  I now wish I would have done this sooner because I feel better and that is why I am still doing it.  If I felt like crap there is no way I would give up my bread or dark lagers.  With most things if you can make it over that three day hump you will be fine the hard part is getting to that third day.


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