Geometric Greek Inspired “Vases”

Greek Inspired Vases

Thinking Day is right around the corner and our Girl Scout Troop picked Greece as our country this year.  I am a huge fan of Greek Art and Architecture and really wanted to share this appreciation with my troop.  I knew I wanted to do a project that involved “pottery” but the thought of anything breakable with 5-8 year olds scared me.  I visited the Dollar Tree and they had their spring stuff out and saw seed starter “pots” I knew immediately how I could do this project with my troop.

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  • Plastic Seed Starter Pots (they came in a pack of 12)
  • Magic Markers (I bought both Sharpies® and the cheap ones that come 4 in a pack)

We did put paper towels down and went over proper “marker usage” (not drawing on themselves or others).  I also showed them examples of Greek Vases that were geometric vases and vases that depicted stories.  I encouraged them to use their imagination and creativity to create a beautiful vase for all to enjoy.  I handed them each one marker, one pot and let them get to work on their beautiful creations.

All rights reserved - A.J.'s Arts and Designs

Idea Piece

All rights reserved - A.J.'s Arts and Designs

Troops Vases

All rights reserved - A.J.'s Arts and Designs

More fabulous vases!

Total Cost:  $6.00

Total Time:  15 minutes depending on the child

 I was told by several girls in my troop this was their favorite project so far and they also learned about a really cool country.

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