Day 12 and 13….

Yes I missed a day blogging but it was the Fourth, I did work out both yesterday and today.  Which means I am on Day 13.  I have real definition in my arms.  Yesterday being the Fourth I was extremely Patriotic, and I forgot to take photos of my outfit.  However there was a red skirt which no Spanx were needed for.  A white sleeveless button down in case I needed to head outside to the pool deck (which did happen).  I had on a bright blue jacket, I thought the Will Ferrell Speedo would be a little too much so I went with this instead.  The pride of the outfit however were my shoes.

I bought a pair of white Dr. Scholl’s Shoes at Wal-mart a couple months ago.  I am not a huge fan of white but I thought they had potential because they were cut out.  I admit I have been on a crafty drought recently and have little to no inspiration.  Yesterday morning I woke up and knew I what to do with those shoes.  I would make them Red, White and Blue, I completely winged it.  I had no idea if this would work but I did it anyways.  I took my Metallic Blue Fold Art Paint, American Flag Red and went to town.  I painted the whole shoe half blue and half red.  There are no pictures of this process I was in a time crunch because I started this 30 minutes before I went to work.  I let them “dry” and took a Magic Eraser and erased the top, exposing the white.

I went to work with paint still on my fingers but the compliments I received on the shoes were worth it.

Red, White and Blue Shoes ©2015 A.J.’s Arts

Red, White and Blue Shoes – Not too shabby for a rush job.
©2015 A.J.’s Arts –

Red, White and Blue Shoes ©2015 A.J.’s Arts

Red, White and Blue Shoes – Top View
©2015 A.J.’s Arts

I have also started doing other crafty stuff, today I dyed a craft fail from 13 years ago.  Pretty happy with that and I dyed a pair of old maternity pants that I am going to make into a skirt.  It seems after all this time my craftiness has returned, I am very excited about this because it has been a while.

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