Another Hurricane?

I haven’t really posted since the last Hurricane, not because I haven’t had anything to say, it is more how to say it.  I decided to do a Cliff Notes version of what has been going on since Hurricane Matthew.  I got a promotion at work, at first I truly did love then it became more stress than I have ever encountered, I was working a lot (7 days a week 14 hour days) since I was salary well it average out to $9 something an hour.  My health took a dive and my weight went up, both are linked.  I joked, saying I was in an abusive relationship with my job and in hindsight I really was.  The catalyst for me was when I left work in an ambulance 4th of July from severe heat exhaustion and dehydration.  I was out of work for two weeks and couldn’t do anything, making me even more miserable.  Jeff being the amazing person he is, was completely supportive in all of my decisions.  We had both been looking for new opportunities for a little while before the incident.  I am very happy to say we both have found something we each enjoy doing.  It is such a change not dreading going to work and actually enjoy what I am doing.  I am sure people look down upon me because I decided to leave management to become a concierge again, I quite frankly don’t give a damn!  I am happy, I have lost 10 pounds since I left the hotel, I look younger because there is no stress, I get to take Booga to school every morning, and I am home for dinner every night.  No amount of money can replace those items I mentioned above.

Jeff is doing well, he loves his new job, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in August (I can’t believe it either).  He doesn’t say it, I know he gets concerned leaving me home by myself during the day.  My New Year’s Resolution was to finish, unfinished projects.  I had about 5 days off before I officially started my new job, I finished the bathroom, the next day I painted the laundry room, the bedroom dresser, he has no idea what he is coming home to on days I have off.  The Princess has entered middle school and loves it.  She plays the saxophone, she is still an animal lover and is currently learning Chinese (I mean how cool is that).  Booga has entered 2nd grade, it is going far better than 1st grade.  He loves his teacher and everything scary, zombies, Jaws (yes he wants to be a shark for Halloween) and anything that bothers his sister.  The Reeva is good, she loves her mama time when I am home, especially now when I get to spend even more time with her.  Sadly, Zombie Smash our hermit crab past away a couple weeks ago.  The kids are now trying to talk us into a furry little creature (hamster, guinea pig, etc.).

Now onto business, so there is another Hurricane swirling in the Atlantic, making me (and several others) a tad nervous.  I am not even going to lie, this one has me far more concerned than Matthew ever did, excluding that brief moment when I second guessed myself for staying.  Why?  Why am I so concerned?  First, Harvey is so fresh in our minds, as well as Matthew it hasn’t even been a year (there are still people who haven’t fixed stuff from the last hurricane) and it is really big, over 1500 miles across that is a big storm.  Second, it is a 5 and has no signs of slowing down.  Finally, it has been really wet here, we have had rain every day for the past month and a half.  A gust of wind comes up, it knocks tress down without Hurricane force winds.  All these trees the root systems were compromised by Matthew, two months of rain and now a Hurricane, so not cool.  Long story short, we are packing up and getting out of dodge; all of us, this is the first time we are all able to leave together.  We will be nomads until the all clear is given and we are permitted to venture back home to see what is left.  Irma became very real today when I was at Wal-mart, I went to get light-bulbs and nylons.  I thought, oh I will see if there is water and grab a case.  Wal-mart was in full disaster mode, I got the last 3 cases of water.  I bought some flashlights and I figured I might as well get some non-perishable food in case it is a Tropical Storm and no order is given.  I of course, completely forgot why I went to Wal-mart, light-bulbs and nylons, I do have 3 cases of water, pudding, Vienna sausages, and other items Jeff will question their purchase.  The cars have gas and I am slowly starting to get the important things together.  We have a plan on what we are doing, depending on what happens with Irma wobbling.  Now having been through a Hurricane, I am far more aware and am taking any potential threat as a serious one.  I do hope Irma decides to blow herself out and not impact anyone, sadly I do not think this is going to happen so I say stay safe, don’t be stupid if the order to evacuate is given go and say a little prayer for all of us who are going to be impacted by this storm.

Amanda 🙂

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