One Step Closer

Several years ago we had a water/mold incident in our living room. It ended up with us ripping up the whole living room carpet, treating and replacing the floor. At the time money was extremely tight but we needed a functioning living room. I decided to do a paper bag floor. Fast forward to today my floor looks like crap, high traffic, two kids, and two dogs it is in rough shape. I admit should have done far more coats of polyurethane on the floor, I think I did 8 in some places and 4 in others because we could not afford another gallon of polyurethane. If it had gotten the 12-15 coats I am sure it would have been fine. We never intended it to be permanent it was a stop gap, a very good stop gap for the someday Pergo or hardwood floors.

In February, I started pricing floors and came across a steal on wood ceramic tile ($.39 a square foot). I even drove to south side to get the tile. We bought enough for the living room and hallway (wishing now I did the kitchen too). Then I got a speeding ticket (long story) so everything I had saved for the floor, went towards that. Well this evening I am one step closer to being able to start on my floor. I am the proud owner of a wet saw, I will soon be able to cut my tile and begin the massive tiling project that will be my living room.

The thought of getting a real living room floor that will be level is very exciting. I don’t think Jeff is nearly as excited as I am (I think he is scared). I am so excited to have a floor that isn’t embarrassing and that I will actually be able to keep clean. I will post photos and might actually do a step by step blog post, if I have time.

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