Littlest Pet Shop Tackle Box

My daughter is 4 and has an ever growing collection of Littlest Pet Shops. There are several problems with this
1.) They all don’t fit in the Horton Bag
2.) The accessories are never in the Horton Bag. She keeps those separate and always manages to misplace one tiny bone.

My solution was to get her a Littlest Pet Shop Carrier. Those are expensive granted they come with a cute animal but why pay $20 for a small tackle box? (It does say it can hold 150 pets but still.) Especially, when I have a bigger one in the garage not being used and I also have plastic primer paint. So I went to work I cleaned the old tool/tackle box out and took it apart as best I could (I couldn’t get the handle off) and went to work. I spray painted the outside with the primer. While that dried I worked on the clear plastic cover. I got out my puffy paints and started (BUST!) I couldn’t get it to look right so I kept wiping off the purple paint making the clear cover a light purple. Then a light bulb went off why not wipe a light purple on the inside to give it a nice tint. I then painted blue Littlest Pet Shop paw prints on top of the clear purple tinted lid with PLAID acrylic paints (you can get them at Wal-Mart.) I did seal the top with a glitter top coat and a workable fixative.

I also wanted to draw Littlest Pet Shops on the outside of the carrier and paint them. I went did a Google search for Littlest Pet Shops and found the logo and some other animals. I free handed everything on to the tackle box. You could also use coloring book pages or other images opposed to free hand sketching the Littlest Pet Shops and transfer them with graphite paper.

I am still working on this (I have a very needy 9 week old) so I will post pictures as so as I’m done.

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