Christmas Gifts for Babies

Baby’s first Christmas is always a memorable event but what do you get someone so small? This year I decided to make “Soft Puzzle Blocks.” I wish I could say this idea was all mine but with most ideas you see them somewhere and are like I could so do that! (This was one of those ideas!) I was flipping through one of my many parenting magazines and saw these lovely blocks by GUND (shown above). They were adorable but $25 is a bit steep for 2 blocks and a vinyl carrying case. There are two babies in the family this year my nephew and my son so spending $25 per set is out of the question. I started doing some sketches and going through my fabric scraps. I found different textures of fabric and got to work. I am by no means an expert seamstress I
have been known to rip out the same seam 6 times. I drew everything out in a sketchbook and then made patterns with tracing paper. The first animals were way too small (see picture below.)

I used a satin fabric that frayed really bad after cutting it, so before sewing I glued all of the edges with Liquid Stitch to prevent fraying.

The squares are 5 1/4″ x 5 1/4″ this allowed for seams on all sides. The animals were sketched free hand. I will add the patterns for the animals and the blocks once I complete the blocks. I want to make sure they work before I post them. I will also be very upset if someone makes a profit on my animal designs – so beware private okay profit BAD!
Here are the animals before the embroidery.

I hand sewed all of the animals to the fabric. I’m sure I could have used a sewing machine to sew the animal to the backing (but I would have to put the baby down for that.)

I also decided that I should make a tag for blocks. I wrote with Magic Marker AJ’s Arts on one side and 09 AJM on the other. I glued them together with Liquid Stitch and pinned it to the squares. I also took a piece of thick ribbon and made a loop for hanging.

I then sewed the squares together by putting sewing everything inside out.

I then decided that the blocks needed to make noise (a pleasant sound.) I had some Chinese music balls I put one of the balls in a baby mitten and surrounded it by poly fill. The other block I filled a small Easter egg with rice and taped it up.

I then stuffed the blocks with poly-fill (a hypo-allergic poly-fill) and sewed up the one inch space I used to turn everything right side out.

Well they turned out really cute but I do have some minor changes I would make when I do them again.
Here is the list:
1.) I have a circular cutter, I need to use it. My squares were all over the place in size made it a tad difficult to sew together.

2.) Use similar stretch fabric. Once again it made it difficult to sew together.

I will post the more pictures of the next round of blocks. All in all I think they turned out well (my mom wants one.)

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