Polymer Clay Ornaments

I decided this year to start a new tradition with my kids. Each year opposed to buying a Christmas Tree ornament from the store I would make them one. There are many reasons why the biggest one is the cost of those ornaments. I have a hard time paying $12.95 for an okay ornament that I can make myself. So I pulled out my Polymer Clay and got to work. I am using SCULPEY III (which is an oven baked clay) to create all the ornaments. You can get the SCULPEY in many colors but I had black and I also have some white so I used what I had and will paint everything later with acrylic paint.

I wanted to create something unique for my son’s 1st Christmas ornament. I loved the idea of Hallmark’s little baby in the Pea Pod but I didn’t like the baby’s face. I also thought I could so do that so I did. I also wanted it to look like my son a little so I watched him sleep in his swing and stared at him for a couple of hours.

It is by no means prefect but I was pretty happy with how it turned out so far (I still have to paint it.)

My daughter is in love with Littlest Pet Shops, so I asked her what her favorite Pet Shop was and she gave me her dragon fly. So I made a Littlest Pet Shop Christmas Tree Ornament.

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